Seattle-based Goblinworks Inc. has returned to Kickstarter in the hope of speeding up the development of its MMO, Pathfinder Online.

In June, the company raised US$307,843 (AU$293,832) on the crowdfunding site for a Pathfinder Online tech demo, which it then used to seek publisher support for the game. The goal for the demo was US$50,000.

Goblinworks’ latest Pathfinder Kickstarter goal is US$1 million (AU$954,488), which it says will be used to shave a year off the game’s development time.

“We want to build Pathfinder Online quicker and with more content than our current financing will allow,” reads the new Kickstarter.

“Rather than finding additional outside investors to put in additional money, we believe we can reach our funding goals right here, on Kickstarter. We would rather report to you, our customers, than to some investor who is only interested in how quickly they can get a return on their investment.”

All of the previously-raised cash was used building the tech demo and fulfilling Kickstarter rewards, said Goblinworks.

It seems the demo was successful though, as "most" of the budget for the game will be provided by investors.

Pathfinder Online hopes to be “a fantasy sandbox MMO RPG where the character's actions are persistent, the players build kingdoms and YOU are the storytellers!”