On December 4, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC will add three levels (Los Angeles, Airport, and Canada) from Pro Skater 3. In addition, a free update will give access the revert ability across all levels.

Max Payne 3’s Painful Memories Pack is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on December 4. The pack brings four new maps to Max Payne 3 multiplayer: Roscoe Street Subway, Marty’s Bar, Shoot First, and Canal De Panamá. The Painful Memories Pack also includes the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, new avatars, items, and the Hangover Burst, which causes enemies to respawn with blurred vision, as well as reduced stamina and health.

Ravaged is getting three free DLC additions, the first of which will include vehicles, new guns, maps, and new tech features. It will be available on December 21.

Dragon’s Dogma on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is getting a free DLC pack that adds hard mode and a time attack challenge to the game. Completing hard mode will earn you a ‘King’s Robe’ clothing set, Edman equipment set and the Abyss hardware set, while completing time attack mode will net you the ‘Serena’ item which is the Tunic of Forest outfit for ladies only, and the ‘Burnaby’ male clothing set. A release date is yet to be finalised.

Halo 4 is getting three DLC map packs between now and April 1 2013, according to a leak that appeared on German Xbox 360 dashboards earlier this week. The maps are:

Crimson Map Pack – due December 10
Majestic Map Pack – due February 25
Castle Map Pack – due April 1

Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials DLC will be out December 11 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It includes 10 challenge maps, a new set of achievements and trophies, and a global online leaderboard.

Finally, Battlefield 3’s fourth expansion pack, Aftermath, is available now for all Battlefield 3 Premium members on PlayStation 3.