The public will play a significant part in Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight this year.

Amnesia Fortnight is a two week period the studio spends working solely on prototypes for new games, traditionally with Double Fine founder Tim Shafer choosing which pitches get the go-ahead.

This time around, anyone who contributes to the company’s Amnesia Humble Bundle will be able to vote for their favourite pitches, the top four of which will prototyped over the subsequent fortnight.

The development process of these games will be live-streamed, and the finished projects made available to everyone who paid, along with early prototypes of Once Upon A Monster and Costume Quest.

Money contributed may be split between the developer, Humble Bundle, and the charity Child’s Play at the discretion of the donator.

All 23 of the 30 second pitch videos are available on the Humble site, including a game about a man who must escape his office undetected after soiling himself.

Since 2009, every title the studio has released was originally an Amnesia idea, including games such as Costume Quest, Iron Brigade, and Stacking.