A game festival hit even as a prototype, no-graphics motion-controlled playground game Johann Sebastian Joust has finally been approved by Sony for a PlayStation release.

The game tasks players with jostling their opponent’s motion controller to eliminate them while at the same time keeping their own steady, and recently won the innovation gong at the Game Developers Choice Awards. It is based on playground games common in Denmark.

During the game, selections from J.S. Bach's ‌‌Brandenburg Concertos play, and when the music's tempo slows, the controllers become extremely sensitive to movement. The game provides no further rules, allowing players to decide what constitutes an acceptable way of disrupting opponents' controllers.

To raise the cash necessary to tweak the game for a PlayStation launch, creator Doug Wilson has begun a Kickstarter campaign with three other indie developers called Sportsfriends to supplement money he received from Sony’s Pub Fund.

Should the Kickstarter reach its US$150,000 (AU$144,290) goal, those who contribute will receive a copy of JS Joust, along with three other “joyfully fun local multiplayer games” for PlayStation 3 or Windows PC.

At the time of writing, Sportsfriends has accumulated US$33,968, and has 29 days of fundraising remaining.