Mass Effect 3’s third piece of campaign DLC, Omega, concerns Shepard aiding Asari gangster Aria T'Loak in retaking the Omega outpost from Cerberus forces.

It introduces mercenary Nyreen Kandros the first Turian female to feature in the Mass Effect series, and takes place before the end of Mass Effect 3.

At four hours long, it is the most extensive DLC so far according to BioWare, and is due out on November 27.

Sunset Invasion, the latest DLC for Crusader Kings II asks: “What would have happened if the Aztecs invaded 13th Century Europe?”

Players will be tasked with fending off the Aztecs, who bring with them a new culture, a new religion, and some kind of terrible plague to disrupt the European balance of power.

The expansion is out November 16.

Previously only available as pre-order exclusives through retailers, three Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries mode maps are now available for purchase: High Seas Fortress, Catacombs, and Rail Yard.

Portal 2′s Move-compatible In Motion DLC is available now, and includes the same levels originally available for the Razer Hydra controller according to Sony. Unlike normal Portal 2 levels, these ones allow players to manipulate objects, rescaling them to solve new puzzles.

Worms Revolution’s Mars DLC pack is available now on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, and includes:

• 5 new single player campaign missions set in the new Mars theme
• 4 New Weapons: Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning Strike and the brand new Crate Strike utility.
• 2 new trinkets (Crystal and Alien Skull)
• 2 new accessories (Space Helmet and Alien Deely Boppers)
• 1 new gravestone (Spaceship)
• A new Mars soundbank.
• New Achievements/Trophies

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD's Revert Pack DLC has been pushed back to the first week of December, Activision has announced.

The Revert Pack contains select levels from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and was slated to hit consoles in early November.

Upon release, it will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Finally, Diablo III is looking to get an expansion sometime in the future, Blizzard has announced.

“We do have an expansion planned for Diablo, [but] I don’t have any timeline to talk about. I think the most important thing for us always comes down to the quality of the expansion and the gameplay, so that will be a big factor in terms of driving our schedule,” said Blizzard president Mike Morhaime.