Penny Arcade and the Victorian government have announced that the Penny Arcade Expo will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, in July next year, and that the festival will return to the city again in 2014.

Tickets will be on sale today, and can be purchased by visiting the PAX Australia website.

The Penny Arcade Expo, usually shortened to PAX, celebrates gaming culture of every variety, and seeks to create an inclusive community event in contrast to other, more “top-down” shows.

PAX was first held in Seattle in 2004 and has nearly doubled in size every year. Now it is the largest consumer gaming event in North America. PAX Australia will be the first time the event will travel outside of the USA.

PAX Australia is set to include all the features that compose the primary event in the US, say the event organisers, including exhibition booths from game developers and publishers to display new and upcoming titles, and numerous guest-speaker panels.

In addition to a Bring-Your-Own-Computer LAN area, there will be free-play console and PC areas, and free-play tabletop gaming areas ranging from role-playing and card games, to miniatures wargaming, and boardgames.

The Omegathon will also come to PAX Australia. Attendees can register to be randomly selected as an Omeganaut when they buy their ticket. If they’re selected, they’ll compete against other Omeganauts across a variety of gaming challenges, culminating in a grand final on the last day.

Concerts will also be held in the evening, and will include both national and international acts. In the US, these have usually been nerdcore acts such as MC Frontalot.

There will also be an indie showcase where selected developers from Australia and New Zealand will be able present their games to the community.

"When we reached out to our international fans, the response from the Australian community for a local PAX was overwhelming,” said Penny Arcade president Robert Khoo. “Melbourne has a long history of supporting the gaming scene, through showcasing cultural game exhibits to supporting world-renowned game developers.”

“Holding PAX Australia in Melbourne is the perfect fit for our show.”

PAX Australia will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from 19th – 21st of July next year. Those interested receiving the most up to date information on PAX Australia should visit the expo’s Facebook page.