The first-ever overtly gay-friendly gaming convention has received a substantial cash boost via Kickstarter.

Gaymercon, the first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture, finished its pledge drive with US$91,389 (AU$88,512) from 1,531 backers, easily eclipsing its modest US$25,000 (AU$24,213) goal.

Along the way, the idea received support from Penny Arcade, Mega64, and Xbox LIVE, among others.

“We are thrilled, honored, amazed, and humbled by the response,” the Gaymercon team wrote.

“We crushed nearly all of our stretch goals, unlocking a GaymerConcert, Gaymer Brunch (for $100+ pledgers), and the Gaymer Celebrity Boss of Honor!”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make GaymerCon not just a reality, but something truly special.”

The only stretch goal not achieved by the fundraiser was for GaymerConnect, a web and mobile app that would allow gamers to find LGBT clans and players for their favourite titles.

However, the app would still be developed.

“Honestly, that number was a bit of an arbitrary goal - we wanted to do something like GaymerConnect anyways, but the extra funds that we raised can go into getting design, front-end, and back-end developer help,” said GaymerCon.

The convention would be about inclusiveness, said the organisers.

“We want to be clear this isn’t just for gay white dudes either. We want all genders, races, and sexual identities including our straight friends and allies to come together and have a gay, geeky good time.”

Gaymercon will take place in San Francisco next August.