Well, folks, Square Enix's big E3 showcase is over, and while it had a few memorable moments, the focus was mainly on remasters and classic games making a comeback. The show very much felt like a Final Fantasy showcase more than anything, which will no doubt leave some fans a little underwhelmed.

The show opened with new footage of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. Now that we finally have a release date, it's time for the hype to reach fever pitch.

The story has been expanded significantly and will ship on two Blu-ray discs. The first part will take place in Midgar and has been expanded on so much so that the Midgar story is being considered its own game. Gameplay shown was mostly real-time battle with an option to slow down the action to a crawl for more tactical combat options. Powers can be bound to shortcuts for those wanting a faster-paced experience. The game looks gorgeous and is easily one of our most anticipated titles as we approach the end of the current generation.

The Last Remnant Remasteredis coming to the Nintendo Switch "tonight".

Final Fantasy XIV Online's third expansion pack Shadowbringers releases on July 14 and is comparable in size and scope to an all-new RPG title.

The team at People Can Fly announced, Outriders, a story-driven third-person co-op shooter for one to three players. This one is said to be the studios most ambitious shooter to date. The CG trailer shown gives off some heavy Mad Max meets Fuse vibes. More info coming this year on Outriders.

A Final Fantasy VIII Remaster is coming this year to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC. Looks to be similar to the recent Final Fantasy IX remaster with an increased resolution on textures.

Marvel's Avengers was finally shown. The game will be a third-person co-op adventure with up to four players. Players will step into the boots of their favourite hero (provided its one of the main ones) and will be tasked with reassembling The Avengers after a devastating attack leaves them outcasted on the wrong side of the law.

Confirmed playable heroes are Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man with voice talent provided by Troy Baker, Travis Willingham, Jeff Shine, Laura Bailey, Nolan North.

The game's narrative will be delivered over several years with Head of Studio Scot Amos, and Senior Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics, Meagan Marie confirming all new DLC heroes will be available at no additional cost and that the game won't feature any loot boxes. Early Beta access and exclusive content is coming to PlayStation 4. Marvel's Avengers is releasing on May 16 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia & PC.

And that was mostly it. What did you think of the Square Enix showcase this year? What are you most looking forward to?