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With the E3 exhibition set to kick off in a little under four days, we've been taking a keen interest in what titles are likely to be shown, and what sort of announcements can be expected.

Gerard, JC and Mel will be attending the event in Los Angeles, and with less than 24 hours until their departure, they've offered their thoughts on what will be their focus for the expo. Ian, Aylon and Joel will be keeping an eye on events from New Zealand, just to make sure we don't miss out on any announcement, no matter how small.

Gerard Campbell

Gerard Campbell has been reviewing games for what seems like forever - rumour has it he can now lift his entire weight with just his thumbs

I'm keen to see whether Sony actually reveal an updated PlayStation Portable at their pre-show press conference. If the rumours are to believed they will be, but will it be enough to knock the Nintendo DS off the coveted top perch of handhelds and return some love to Sony’s device?

I’m intrigued to see what comes out of Microsoft’s pre-show conference, as apparently Konami has a “big reveal” planned (I’m picking Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360), I’m amped about seeing Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 in action, and wonder whether Alan Wake will finally make an appearance. I think this year will be all about the games, baby, lots and lots of games, not so much the hardware. I hope my dictaphone works during schedules interviews, my laptop doesn’t get misplaced, stepped on or damaged somehow, and I remember to take a pair of comfortable shoes.

It will also be interesting to see if the PS3 comes out of the shadow of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, and whether a price drop of the PS3 is on the cards. I'm also keen to see whether Microsoft's got anything in its sleeve that they haven't told us about.


JC is a DJ for Auckland's bFM, and was born without thumbs

I'm keen to check out Harmonix's Beatles game, to see if it's up to the task. I would have loved to have seen the new GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony, so it's a real shame that Rockstar have decided not to attend.

Nintendo all round, after a shocker last time, it's looking like we might see something really cool from them. Time to expand the Wii's hardcore appeal, maybe a new Zelda as well?

Alpha Protocol looks like a sick Spy game, that's definitely on the list. As is any sort of information about the new Aliens Vs Predators title due next year.

Melanie Phelan

Melanie writes for Gameplanet, is currently based in the states and attended E3 in 2008

I'll be heading straight for God of War III – at the time, God of War came out of nowhere and impressed the pants off me. I can’t wait to see all that gore in high definition. This is one of those M-rated games I live to play.

The Elder Scrolls V: Shadow Realm should be something special because all of the games in the Elder Scrolls series have consistently pushed the genre forward. One of the most highly regarded wide open world games.

I’m keeping my eyes out for these old dogs, coming back into the fight. Deus Ex was a landmark, respected series. How well can it translate into this day and age? Thief was a gutsy game of its time, one of the first true stealth games, and I wonder where they’ll go next. Thief 3 deviated from the premise, so I want to see if they can bring it back with Thief 4.

There's a lot from the list that has me excited though!

Ian Knott

When he's not gaming, Ian can usually be found standing on street corners trying to sell Macintosh computers.

I’m one of those writers who deliberately chooses not to follow pre-release hype whether it be generated from public fervour or effervescent marketing teams. I prefer to form my own untainted opinion when the game arrives in my hands and I’ve actually played it. Then and only then, will I take into account the pre-release build-up.

It’s for this very reason that, when the Editor asked me for my E3 2009 expectations, that I had to look through a list of scheduled releases – and I must say that there’s some exciting gaming promised in the second half of 2009 – early 2010.

Standouts for me include Halo 3: ODST - it’s Halo for Christ’s sake – love it or hate it, the franchise has a fiercely loyal following and the game will sell truckloads world-wide. At E3 I expect Bungie to be showing off actual gameplay features and some multiplayer goodness.

The original BioShock was met with rapturous applause and left gamers wanting more. While the sequel will most likely be Bioshock 1.5, it will be welcomed with open arms by myself and fans of the game. Likewise with Modern Warfare 2 - the original was too short, but supplied a solid multiplayer experience to make up for it. I expect Infinity Ward to show off gameplay above and beyond the teaser trailers and also the Special Forces co-op mode.

Assassin’s Creed II looks interesting - I want plenty of new gameplay features from this sequel as more of the same just won’t cut it. However I expect very little to be given away at E3 except flashy show-off FMV and draw distances. I remain optimistic though.

It’s been a long time between drinks for Tekken fans and with its debut on the 360 I’m expecting Tekken 6 to be as good as it gets on this generation of hardware. I'm also going to be looking out for the "PSP 2". Will they? Won’t they? want details – features, design and most importantly a release date. Come on Sony – spill the beans!

Aylon Herbet

Aylon maintains an encyclopaedic knowledge of video game history, and isn't afraid to use it

Besides the obvious stuff like whatever cool/new announcements Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have (Microsoft especially have been pretty quiet leading up to E3); I want to see Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (come on Valve!).

I'm also really hoping we can find out what game 2K Boston are working on (they're the team who brought us BioShock - I'm hearing a possible X-Com remake and I really hope so). Also, while I'm definitely keen to hear about God of War 3, I'm much more interested in finding out what Team Ico are working on! So I'm very psyched about a possible announcement of that.

Otherwise, I'm just looking forward to seeing some gameplay of titles we know are coming but haven't seen much of (Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed 2, BioShock 2's multiplayer etc). Here's hoping for a great E3!

Oh and Booth Babes are back - hooray!!

Joel Lauterbach

Joel is a ferocious Xbox proponent and can usually be found organising Gameplanet's gaming evenings

It's all about Formula One 2010 from Codemasters for me. Why? It has now been years since the last F1 title was released, and even longer since one graced anything other than a PlayStation console. Codemasters have built up a significant reputation with racing games such as GRID and DiRT, and have developed an astounding physics and damage model, which will surely be implemented in this new F1 title. I simply cannot wait to see what this developer has in store for us all.

If the rumours are correct, Microsoft's motion controller will prove to be interesting. Despite the fact that the Wii has been out for years, motion controllers still fascinate me. Not having been too impressed by the Wii (as the controls aren't nearly as tidy or precise as I would like) I can't wait to see what Microsoft have done here, considering how much effort they seem to be putting into this. Not to mention that anything that makes my Xbox 360 more party oriented can only be a good thing.

I definitely want to hear more about Operation Flashpoint 2: I remember spending hours on the original. The massive, open world which felt so alive simply blew my mind. It was by far one of the best war-sim titles I had ever played, and it put you right in the shoes of a soldier. Years of development have gone into the sequel, and I am excited to see what the developers have been able to do with the extra power that modern hardware allows, particularly knowing their desire to push the boundaries.