A 10-day online game competition called CREATE has produced a large batch of indie game demos for the upcoming Ouya console.

The online jam took place over ten days, and in that time an unknown number of teams whipped up a total of 166 demos, the quality of which is predictably varied.

It's worth noting that the quality on display here may not rival that of ports expected for the system from companies such as EA and Namco.

The Cannon Fodder-aping Death squad has potential:

As does the WarioWare-influenced Television:

Fold looks like it was made on an Atari 2600:

I don’t even…

Fez creator Phil Fish and The Guild’s Felicia Day are among those on the judging panel for the contest.

A grand prize of "up to US$25,000" is up for grabs, with developers also able to score development money as a category winner.

Finalists will be announced on February 11, and winners on February 18.

In related news, the Ouya’s controller has been overhauled following developer feedback.

Notably, the d-pad has been changed from a disc to a cross and the touch screen responsiveness has been boosted.

The Android-based Ouya is due to ship worldwide in March to preorder customers.